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When does my online class meet?

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Most online classes only meet online through Canvas. Typically online courses will start with the first day of the academic semester; however, please be sure to review the registration and course information for your course as the start date may be different. Some instructors will opt to have a face-to-face orientation session for their course or may require using testing services for examinations. If you are at a distance and unable to attend any face-to-face portion of an online course, please contact the course instructor.

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What is the difference between an online course and a hybrid course?

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Online Courses

These courses have section numbers 300-339. An online course uses a learning management system via the Internet to deliver content, facilitate communication (e.g. faculty-student and student-student), collect student work, and assess student performance. An online course may require trips to campus or a proctored test site.


Hybrid Courses

These courses have section numbers 350-399. In a hybrid course, face-to-face class sessions are reduced by providing a significant portion of the instruction in a learning management system via the Internet. Hybrid courses have learning activities that must be completed via the Internet as well as class sessions that require on-campus attendance.

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Is an online course easier than a face-to-face course?

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Most online courses are not easier than face-to-face courses. Online courses maintain the same academic rigor and standards of face-to-face courses and often will have similar requirements for assignments, examinations, and more. Online courses can often be harder for some individuals as it is up to them to properly manage their time to complete coursework.

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What should I do if I get an error or can't access the assignment or quiz I must take?

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First, contact the helpdesk at 708-608-4357 (HELP) they may be able to assist you with your problem. They will also document that you did have a problem, which may be helpful for your instructor.

Then contact your instructor and let them know that you had a problem and you contacted the helpdesk. Inform your instructor if the helpdesk was or was not able to assist you with your issue.

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I registered for a course and it already started. When will I have access?

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You will have access in about an hour depending on the time of day. Enrollments in Canvas are updated hourly from approximately 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Overnight, all other registrations and drops are processed. For example, if it's 5:45 pm and you registered for a 6 p.m. course you should be in your Canvas course by 6 p.m.

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How do I purchase books and other required materials for my online course?

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Most materials needed for your online course can be purchased online through the Moraine Valley Bookstore. This helps ensure you are using the proper textbook and supplementary materials for your course. Please note that textbooks and materials can vary from instructors teaching the same type of course, so be sure to purchase the materials for your exact course.

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What is Canvas?

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Canvas is the college’s web-based system for conducting courses. It may also be referred to as a Learning Management System, or LMS.

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Who do I contact if I receive an incomplete grade but can no longer access my course in Canvas?

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Contact your instructor(s). Only your instructor(s) can decide when they will make their course materials available to you.

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What kind of student does well with online learning?

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Students who are well organized, self-motivated, independent, and have generally good time management skills tend to work well with online courses. Want to know if online learning is right for you? Try the Online Assessment System for Internet Students, specifically the sections on Study Skills and Learning Styles.

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How can I view my Canvas course for a class I previously took?

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Typically, students lose access to their Canvas course six days after the end of the semester. Course availability is at the discretion of the instructor.  If you have specific needs to access the content after the course(s) concludes you will need contact your instructor(s).

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What is a learning management system?

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A learning management system, or LMS, is a web-based system for conducting courses. In Moraine Valley’s case, our LMS is Canvas.

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